50+ Amazing Wood Interior in This Split Level House in South Jakarta is Fantastic!

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If you reside in a huge city such as, then it’ll be rather hard to construct a home which may be a refuge for you. The audience of Jakarta is just tolerable when you’ve got a beautiful and relaxing dwelling in the center of the city, finished with insides that feel near nature, minimalist, modern, and simple to be accomplished in a restricted space.

This split-level home in South Jakarta, known as the Yasmin House, is that the project of SAE Studio. Have a peek at this home and get inspired!

1. The Semi-Open Couch
This region that becomes the core of Yasmin House includes a semi-open belief for half the ceiling is manufactured from translucent glass, followed with a beautiful glass wall. This split-level lounge place involves a floor floor and upper layer floor. Apart from for hosting guests, this lounge could also be a personal place for your family to unwind.

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